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Xander BlissI was struck by lightning when I was a child… well it was more like static shock from a metal hand rail, but ever since that day I had a vision. I started staying in my bedroom a lot, hiding away from the rest of the world. I wanted to lock it all out and create something new and better. I drew all over my walls, covering them with robots, monsters and evil scientists. I wanted to express how I felt as the odd one in the family. I'm the guy that ate his lunch behind a bush at school because nobody wanted to sit with me…you might want to get a tissue right about now.

Dave Ashby - LiquidlizardMy name is Xander and along with my mate Dave aka Liquidlizard, we rule this world. Robot Aliens are creations of Doctor Bolt the Evil, insane and slightly camp Scientist. On a mission to planet Bonzo he "accidently "blew up the world, killing almost everything. What was left had been deformed and modified by toxic chemicals. Dr Bolt eventually got lonely so he began collecting the brains of unsuspecting Aliens, tearing them from their heads. He built his robots out of anything he could find: toasters, lamps, fridges and even old microwaves.


What he didn't expect was a war to break out against his defected robots and his Bolt Bots. Some robots wanted to protect vulnerable creatures and some wanted to destroy all living things.

So that's the basic story which is still on-going and will get even better as we grow and grow. More characters will be introduced and even more things will end up in your parcels along with your T-shirts.


Great minds meet

A bit about how it started – I met Dave while I was at University. He was this awesomely cool geek that worked as a designer/illustrator in Bristol. He asked to see my designs and I was more than happy to get his opinion. I'd seen Dave's work previously and I liked what I saw.

Working with him, we managed to get some quick designs ready for a university fashion show. We slapped some neon paint on the models faces and handed them a deformed teddy then threw them down the catwalk. We knew the designs weren't working so we created even more that turned out totally awesome! Unfortunately, we had funding issues and were not satisfied by the quality level of our prototypes which delayed our unveiling to the world! Years had passed before we had perfected the designs and built the website, but now we are ready and we won't give up until we are dead.

We want this to work and have big plans for the future to own our own shop and have an even bigger product line, such as hats, bags, trainers and loads more funky shizle to sell. But we can not do this without our followers and your help! So why not join us and become a part of the Robot Alien fan page to share your thoughts about our brand.


We can't do it without you so why not lend us a hand before we rip it off.


Xander / Dave



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