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• What size should I go for?

- This can be a difficult question as the sizes you're used to with high street brands may not match our suppliers size very well, plus the fitting of our range of products tend to be inconsistent. So the best thing to do is to consult our size guide page, which are measured from product to product if you're not sure.

• I've ordered the wrong size and it doesn't fit me, can I get it replaced?

- Because we are nice Robots, we can replace your size with another, as long as the different size is available and in stock and that you cover the postage costs of £2. Contact us at the email address below for more information.

• I've ordered a t-shirt, but the t-shirt tag size doesn't match what I ordered.

- This is not an error, our t-shirt suppliers consider your product a smaller or larger size than what the rest of the world thinks! So to help you when ordering on our website, we have labelled your product closer to the size label you'd expect from it's measurements.



• How do I pay for my orders through your website?

- We use PayPal to quickly and safely process all orders through our website.

Problems with your product

• There is a problem with my product (damaged or defective), can I have a refund or replacement?

- We can offer replacements on products that are the incorrect size. Simply return the size you have and let us know how to resolve the issue.


- If your product is damaged, please let us know and send us pictures of the problem to the email below to resolve your issue. If the damage is accepted as our fault, we will replace your product free of charge (We can not accept damage caused while in transit). We can only offer replacement within 2 weeks of purchase and we will not honour any replacement if damage is caused while wearing.


• How much and how long does postage & packaging take?

- We charge £2 for postage on all items worldwide... for now. We send our products in batches and you should allow at least 5 business days for standard 1st class delivery. In worst case scenarios, please allow 21 days before contacting us about lost deliveries.


• I'm interested in distributing Robot Alien Clothing in my store on/offline.

- We would love to have distributors of our products, please email us below for more information.

• I'm in a band or am a high profile person and want to help you grow.

- We gladly accept any kind of promotion that might help spread our brand and in return would love to talk about you or your product or band. Plus we are actively looking for bands to wear our t-shirts on stage, which we will provide for FREE! Please contact us for more information.



Did you find what you were looking for?.. No? Well ask us a question directly at dave@robotalienclothing.co.uk and we will try our best to answer your query as soon as possible.

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